Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 3 of the REMOVE detox and more tears and more questions.

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Today is day 3 of my 14 day REMOVE detox. I am hoping I will inspire you to join the Sati Life Community detox beginning with a workout and a kickoff talk by Dr. Frank Lipman. If you want to participate register at then order you REMOVE detox at

Today I woke up feeling a hungry but after I had my first shake of the day I felt good. I started with a hot cup of water with lemon, then I had my shake.  I still had a bit of a headache and I felt kind of foggy but nothing too bad. I keep reminding myself that if I am having a headache I must be doing the right thing. If I didn't have anything to detox out of my system I wouldn't feel this way. I am doing this to detox so this is part of the process.  Dr. Lipman is that true?

I had to teach a dance class this morning so I got to the gym an hour early so I could get a sweat going before class. I rode the bike for 45 minutes and did a breathing meditation that helped a lot. During class  my body felt a little tired so I just took it easy. After class I took a 20 minute steam and meditated again to visualize my inner body being revitalized. I had an 11:30am bodywork appointment to get to and I was running late so I didn't drink my second shake. I am supposed to have an early morning and a midmorning shake then lunch. I was late.

My 11:30am appointment was with Michael Moschel, the bodyworker I have been seeing who has been an amazing gift. After working with him my body feels 10 years younger and my achy knees are 80% better. I am actually enjoying dancing again. This is huge! Another reason I love working with him is that he facilitates the removal of toxins from the tissues and old stored emotions. This particular session was deeper than usual.  I cried in the session and I could feel changes happening from a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It reminded me how our years of fear, pain and sadness are still effecting us years later and it's time to let it all go, detox and remove.

None of this process is comfortable but it all feels deeply necessary. I keep thinking about how many of us learn to live with pain, teach ourselves to be numb so that we won't feel the emotional and physical pain and in doing so we cut ourselves off to pleasure as well. Like I said, none of this is a comfortable or an easy process but what keeps me motivated is I know it is leading me to being able to experience more joy than before and this is my true goal in life. I want to know more health, happiness and peace of mind than I have ever before so I can achieve what I am here to achieve.

Today I could feel myself resisting the process. I could hear myself complaining, blaming, judging, criticizing others, the situation and myself.  Since I had just finished a meditation practice I felt as if I could watch myself think. At one point in class, I stood off to the side and laughed at the monster, bratty, complaining, criticizing thoughts I was having. It didn't hook me. I didn't have to try and change them, I didn't believe them. I felt like they were simply all the toxins being exorcised from my insides. This was much easier to do today then it was the first day. I think partly because the first day I was not expecting to feel so grumpy but today I was willing to be uncomfortable and even expected it.  I was ready for those little monsters to pop up and try to convince me to give up.

My friend is also doing the REMOVE detox with me and having a difficult time. We emailed Dr. Lipman and asked a few questions and a few simply words of encouragement from him went a long way. He simply gave us both a few suggestions and ended with "hang in there" and it made me feel like this is normal, it is part of the process, don't freak out and just stay in the game.

Tonight I have a party to go to and I will not be drinking or eating. I am having my meal at home before I go so that I don't even have to worry about what kind of food they will have.

I am wondering Dr. Lipman
1. Can you estimate how long the headaches last?
2. How important is it to have the two shakes before lunch? Today I had a shake, meal, shake, shake, meal.
3. Can I expect that if I follow this program I will lose weight?

If you are considering starting the Sati Community REMOVE cleanse I suggest you start preparing your body now but cutting down or eliminating coffee, alcohol and sugar. This way you will ease into it.

Exercise your power to choose, right thinking, right eating and right exercising. If not now, when?

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