Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just feel the feelings and don't eat the cupcake!

Day 7 REMOVE detox cleanse, halfway there! I lost 4lbs and feeling better than before!

I haven't had a cupcake in a very long time but today it was all I wanted. I was sad this morning. I woke up and all was well and then after a discussion with someone, I won't share the details because it involves another person, I was left feeling sad, disappointed and uncertain about what to do.  I was on my vespa, driving into the city to go and teach my class and as I drove down 9th avenue all I wanted to do was to stop at Billy's bakery and buy a cupcake.  I was so present to how the sadness I was feeling was calling for a cupcake. If I wasn't present I would have been certain I needed to have a cupcake. It didn't make the wanting it any less, I was just present to it.  

I made it past Billy's but the challenge didn't end there. I got to the gym early and decided to go in and get a tea at the bakery next door, yeah right! First I reached for a banana, I had it in my hand then remembered that bananas are on the "not allowed" list. I was getting out and then started asking about the cupcakes.  Ugh I actually bought it and then threw it in the garbage after I sat down to answer emails and got an email from one of the leaders saying she had been sad and depressed last night and had to battle not eating sugar and felt proud she had won! Gulp! Phew. I wrote her back and thanked her for being strong and actually helping me!  

What was really interesting today was how clear it was to me that the sad wanted the cupcake. Hunger doesn't ask for a cupcake it asks for real food and since I hadn't had that feeling in a while, being on the detox has actually really helped with the sugar cravings but this was so not a physical craving but an emotional craving.

It led me to remember how sad I used to be as a little girl and how I kept trying to stuff my sadness with junk food. I didn't know it then but looking back it is all very clear to me. 

It turns out this REMOVE detox is much more than a physical detoxing but an emotional one as well. Even though I am so different from who I was years ago there are clearly still some emotions in the fabric of my being.  Between Dr. Lipman and Michael Moschel I am sure my physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing will have a deep impact and positive impact on me in so many ways. I can feel it already.

One of my goals career wise it to inspire people to think right, eat right and exercise right which leads to living right. Right meaning causing no harm to oneself or anyone else. When we stop causing harm we are present to the love, peace and joy that is always there. I am on a mission to cause a happy wellness revolution so that as a society we are not so obsessed with simply getting thin at any cost but instead establishing sustainable habits. 

I hope you will join me and Dr. Lipman and do the 14 day REMOVE detox. We are kicking it off on May 14th at the next "Workin it Out with Patricia Moreno" event. 1 hour workout 1 hour lecture by Dr. Lipman.  If you are unsure you want to do the detox come and hear him speak then decide. If you are already sure make sure you purchase the REMOVE detox asap. You can buy it at a reduced price on until midnight 5/5.  Dr. Lipman, his staff and I will also be supporting your with a weekly 30 minute call just in case you have any questions.

In the meantime, join my page on facebook called "Workin it out with Patricia Moreno" Post your goals and get support in taking radical action.  This month Lauren Zander creator of the Handel Method will be with me coaching you to stay in action. Top 3 action takers will get a free coaching session with either Lauren or myself, your choice!

Think right, eat right, exercise right and live right!
No cupcakes for me today!

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