Sunday, May 15, 2011

The most important thing you must do before you die...

"The most important thing to do before you die is live!" Simon Sinek author of It starts with Why

Yesterday I kicked off the Workin it Out event with this quote as a reminder that so many of us after the age of 30 are already dying.  How many of you believe that it is downhill from where you are, that you could never look better, feel better or enjoy life more than you did when you were younger? How many of you are upgrading your thinking, eating and exercise habits and challenging yourself to get better with age?  There is no amount of money, success, beautiful clothes or nice cars that will replace a healthy body.  Our body knows how to heal and regenerate itself but you have to treat it well, feed it well and exercise it regularly.  We all know it is not easy to make changes but when we do we feel in control of our destiny. Illness and disease is NOT a normal part of aging, it is a normal part of abusive habits and indulging in harmful thoughts and food.  I hope you will be inspired to join the Sati Life community detox this month. Whether you choose to do Dr. Lipman's REMOVE detox or anything else, I encourage you to focus on removing harmful foods from your diet habits. Here is the update from yesterday's event.

Yesterday at the Workin it out event Dr. Lipman inspired us all to be a part of the wellness revolution. He reminded us how hard it is to be healthy when everything around us, from TV commercials to magazines are promoting either drugs or unhealthy products. He started by letting us know what we should focus on removing from our diets:
1. "Sugar is the devil" Avoid it. It is more addicting than heroine
2. Gluten. It causes inflammation in most people
3. Factory meat. Choose only organic, farm raised
4. Dairy. Calcium is over promoted. Greens have enough calcium
5. Caffeine
6. Alcohol
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The first few days you will not feel good. Most of us are addicted to to these drugs and it is part of the process.  it only takes a few days to get to the other side and just stick with it.

What we eat, think and do is what determines the experience of our life.  We have complete control over what goes in and comes out of our mouth and by being conscious and taking responsibility and making conscious choices we can effect positive change in our own lives and inspire those around us to do the same.

If you are not feeling good, if you have not been taking control of your own health, mood, attitude and life, this is a great place to start. If you have been, why not raise the bar. You can't stay the same. You are either moving forward or backwards. Keep making positive changes and you will keep getting better with age instead of worse.

Dr. Lipman says nothing ages us more than sugar and it is the first thing to eliminate from your diet.  At one point he took questions and someone asked about Agave as a sugar substitute and to my surprise he said Agave is basically high fructose corn syrup and no, it is not a good replacement for sugar. Gulp! Ok out it goes. He recommends stevia and xylitol if you want to sweeten something.

What is unique about the REMOVE detox is not only what it requires you take out of  your diet but what he has you add back in. The supplements that come with the REMOVE package help the body eliminate the toxins and helps restore health.  I just finished the two week REMOVE detox and now I am about to begin doing the next level REVIVE.  My personal goal is to do all three levels of his detox system and take the next 6 weeks to reignite my body's ability to heal and restore itself to radiant health.

I encourage you to take this month as an entry point to healthier living and encourage others to do the same.  Many of us are doing Dr. LIpman"s REMOVE detox and you can purchase it on  Dr. Lipman, his wellness coach Kerry and I will be leading a weekly conference call on Wednesday nights at 8pmET.  You can ask questions and get any support you need.  Please also join Dr. Lipman's facebook page and for daily support you can join "workin it out with Patricia Moreno" and post your questions and brag about your success so you inspire others to stay in the game. With community support anything is possible. Be a part of the Sati community wellness revolution and radiate health!

Anyone can join the call, it is free and highly recommended. Whether you have already started the detox or considering it, please participate. The call in number for Wednesday night calls is 218-936-4700/ access code 42016

Revolutionaries Join together!
with love,


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