Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do less and achieve more. Really?

First an update on my vegan lifestyle change. I love it. I am so happy I have made the switch.  I have been juicing every day.  If I can't get a green juice I have spicy lemonade, lemon, water, cayenne pepper and stevia or agave. I also found a great bar that I love for my midday snack or when I am running around.  A student of mine brought it to me because she loved it and I reached out to rawcrunchbar.com kathy and Ross the creators, to see if they would offer you a discount because I love them so much. So if you want to try them, you can go online and order and use Satilife discount code for a 10% discount. You can also find them at some whole foods stores.

I also heard Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Diet speak and hearing her story is enough to really keep anyone motivated. If you haven't read her book or heard her speak, I highly recommend it. I hope to go and see her live at Urban Zen this Thursday night in NYC.

Update on my knee, I am thrilled to say I am actually pain free and I didn't even think it would be possible. Now this is seriously only the beginning but I want to remind you that if you have any physical pain in your body that you think cannot be healed to think again. Ask for guidance, open your mind to the possibility that you can find an answer and start looking around. I gave the name and info of Michael Moschelwww.painandinjuryresolution.com before but in case you missed it and you are in NYC definitely check him out.

This week my focus is is doing less. I can barely get myself to say it. I feel like if I am doing less than I am not doing enough. Instead of focusing on the physical doing of things my goal is to do everything I am doing with less effort.  When Michael was working on my body it was something he kept saying to me over and over, relaxed strength, do what you are doing with less effort.  So I have gone back into my yoga education and I have started doing more breath work and relaxation techniques.  It also reminded me that relaxed strength or doing whatever I am doing with less effort is the difference between living from fear and faith.  When we take an action from faith there is no trying, forcing or pushing but an allowing a letting.  So my focus for my self this week, this month, this lifetime actually is to do everything with less effort, with more faith and allowing myself to be instead of trying to get myself to be.

The theme carried into my bodysoulsati class with the affirmations:
All that I seek
Is already inside me
I now unleash
excellence from within in me
I take inspired, consistent and committed action
I now have faith I have all that I need
And so it is.

I allow my mental, physical and emotional body to be healed. Breath in. Breath out.
And so it is.

Take inspired action today and do less but achieve more!
Peace and love,

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