Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are you preparing for the best or the worst?

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Choosing faith over fear.
How much of your day do you spend worrying about what might go wrong or what might not work out in some way? If we spend time in worry and fear we are mentally preparing for the worst. In this state of mind we are not even available for the best outcome possible. We are literally preparing for the negative outcome.  When we choose faith then we are looking for and opening ourselves up to an answer and preparing for the best.  If you are someone who is often stressed, worrying or complaining you can consciously train yourself to shift your perspective of your situation and live a very different life.  If you have a good reason, a strong "why", you will find the strength from within to make the change.

Last year I had knee surgery and it has not helped. After two surgeries I found that there was not much relief. My knee was still getting swollen and my range of motion was limited.  I was beginning to feel like it was something I would just have to live with unless I wanted to get a knee replacement.  It was really starting to worry me I was totally giving up. I heard myself saying it was simply something I would have to live with. I caught myself feeling more irritated and sad. Finally I realized what I was doing and made a conscious decision to shift my perspective and open up to a new possibility.

I started thinking about my sister who had scleroderma and how often I reminded her that are no incurable illnesses just incurable people. She took on the mindset of "it is possible" and after her body had lost 75% mobility, she then regained 90% of it back. Unheard of for scleroderma patients. Her dr. recently told my sister that if she were to see her blood work now for the first time now she wouldn't even see the evidence of Scleroderma.  I went through my list of people I knew or knew of who had recovered from illnesses that were far worse than my knee pain and realized if I wanted to find an answer I would have to believe first that there is one instead of simply give up and live with the pain.

I started doing the vortex meditation every night for physical well-being. I changed my mind from it not being possible to asking for an answer. "I want to know how this can be healed".  I could feel my perspective shift, my mood lighten and body relax.

I know that if I want to see improved results than I have to improve my perspective, choose faith over fear and expect an answer.  Two things came my way, one was a new procedure that injects a lubricant into the knee that supposedly works on 90% of people. I started that treatment but realized that unless I found the cause then this procedure was not really going to heal my knee problem maybe just slow down the wear and tear.  

Three weeks ago my wife Kellen, who is a dentist, came home with a card from a patient who was raving about someone she was seeing who had helped her with many chronic injuries she had. Kellen asked for the card and told me about him when she got home.  I called and made an appointment.

Hi name is Michael Moschel. He is a structural therapist who has developed a system that is called individualized precise Structural Therapy that corrects poor posture and resolves muscular-skeletal dysfunction, bodily injury, acute and chronic pain. Success where all else has failed.  

I decided I would give it a try. After the second treatment I felt much better not only physically but even more importantly I felt my mind completely open up to the possibility that this is exactly what I need.  Even though it has only been two sessions and we may need many more, I feel so relieved. It is an amazing lesson when I think of how people we need come into our lives. Why would someone in a dentist chair tell her dentist about the body work she is getting? Then before my second session when I was telling Dyan, who works for me, about who I was going to see. She asked his name and said someone she trains has been seeing him for a while and thinks has had great results. It actually was good to know someone personally who was seeing him. It all felt so "coincidental". It somehow gave me a sense of peace that I was at the right place.

When make ourselves available for an answer by asking for guidance, surrendering the fear and the doubt and choosing faith.  

Every day I spend time before I go to sleep affirming "I give my physical and emotional body permission to be healed. I let go of any old patterns of thought that are obstacles to my perfect health and well-being.  I see my body bathed in divine light. My body now restores itself to a state of perfect health" Then I move into a few minutes of deep breathing and relaxation until I fall asleep. 

The reason I wanted to write this post is so that if you are experiencing any fear and find yourself losing hope that things will turn around, remember it cannot turn around until you shift your perspective of it.  If you give up hope then you will not have your mind available for an answer and even if an answer presents itself you most likely will not see it.  As soon shift your perspective of a situation your emotion shifts as well. When you are choosing faith over fear your will feel it immediately in your body and you will know you are on the track.

Ask yourself if you are choosing faith or fear. Ask for guidance. Expect an answer. Take inspired action.
Expect a positive result. Be thankful for the all that is going well and immerse yourself in gratitude and joy.

I hope this message helps you today. If you are in or near NYC and you want to make an appointment to see Michael you can reach him at Michaelsbodywork@live.com. His website is painandinjuryresolution.com

Ask yourself today, "Am I choosing fear or faith. Am I preparing for the best or the worst case?"

Breath in, breath out.

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